The week of the Grey Cup, James was looking into buying tickets for us to go as his beloved Riders made it to the cup…however, after having lookedinto it, we decided that the $500 (minimum) could probably be spent in a more prudent way.  FF a few days and we got a call from our friend Geoff and Heather.  He asked if we were busy that weekend…actually, we were quite busy that weekend.  And he said “oh, we have Grey Cup tickets if you want to go with us.”  I put James on the phone and of course, we made consessions to our busy weekend and went to the Grey Cup!

I was sick, Eli was sick, but we still went.  We actually took Eli up to mom and dad’s in Olds where he was taken care of and hung out with grandpa and grandma and Auntie Allison, Uncle Jeff and Isaac.   

We sat in the end section, James and I had a ridiculous amount of clothing with us, a huge bag, which turned out to be a royal pain, but you never know if we would have needed it…anyhow, the game was exciting, complete with the snowbird start, cheerleaders from all divisions, Blue Rodeo and crazy Rider fans and  I wasn’t cold at all thanks to dad’s hunting underwear and mum’s thermal pack 🙂

The Riders lead the game the whole way except, well, we know the fateful end.  You should have seen James’ face…so disappointed and shocked.  We all couldn’t believe it.  This will be a game that won’t be quickly forgotten.