Its torrential downpour rain today.  I guess the monsoon season has hit.  Apparently there is a typhoon off the Bay of Carpentaria which leads to these rain deluges.  It’s been really nice weather since we’ve been here, not much rain at all, which in hindsight was really a blessing.  The rain comes unpredictably and comes with vengeance.  It is a warm rain, but you’re soaked completely in a matter of minutes.  I think that if we had experienced this rain when we first got here, I might be a little discouraged.  Eli and I have been inside for the last couple of days because of the rain.  We might venture out today regardless cause it’s kind of getting close in these 4 walls with not much else to do but organize.  I guess that is my end goal of these 4 years is to get organized!

We have two pairs of pigeons living on either side of our deck near the eaves, they are really a pain because they poop everywhere.  So last night, James put two milk jugs on the one side to try and keep them out.  Last night as we were laying in bed listening to the driving rain on the windowpane, I felt kinda guilty for taking away a home from ‘somepeoples’ home.  I guess I’ll get over it, but I felt bad.

Today (now Tuesday) is Australia Day, the equivalent to Canada day.  Unfortunately, the weather is much the same as it was yesterday…cloudy and rainy…hot but cloudy and very humid.  I don’t know whether we’ll try to do something today or not.  Its 9 am and James is outside cleaning our stairs to our place as they too are covered in bird you know what.

Eli is pretty cute, when it rains hard, he schooches up to the window and looks out.  I think he’ll look out of our windows lots at what’s going on.

Okay, well that’s it for now.

Talk to you later