This morning on our daily walk, we passed by the publc library which fortunately for us is only a 10 minute walk.  We decided to go back after lunch today to sign up for a membership, which is free.  They have a fantastic kids section and Eli of course showed his excitement the only way he knows how…screaming.  We’ve been trying to teach him not to yell, but what do you do when that’s your only form of letting people around you know that you’re pretty darn excited about the dragon and sailboat kites hanging from the ceiling everwhere, and the lego blocks and endless colorful carpet crawling space?! 

 We got our membership, then James took our vacuum to the little vacuum shop nearby to get either a new battery or a new charger for it.  The double stroller comes in handy for these kind of tasks.  James says he feels a little stupid pushing a vacuum down the street in a stroller.  What’s wrong with him?!  We’ve done it with groceries, what is the differnce between that and a vacuum?  So Eli and I hung out in the wonderful air con (its 46 today with the hunidity…inhumanely hot) and looked at books, played with the blocks and he crawled around to his hearts content.

They have weekly programs for mums and kids that I’m sure we’ll frequent.  A story and rhyme time on mondays and fridays.  It will be one of our hot spot weekly destinations.