So fridays we’ve designated as our shopping day.  I just got back and yes, I was one of those people you see pushing the shopping cart a noticable distance from the store…all the way home in fact!  It was a bit embarrassing, especially since the cart and I battled all the way home.  The wheels on the cart are all free wheeling, so at the best of times it is hard to stear them in the store, never mind up and down the sidewalk, through potholes and through ditches with no sidewalk.  I wish I could have seen myself, pregnant, sweating and swearing at a cart of groceries.  Anyone passing surely thought I was crazy.

One good thing about fridays is that I usually slurge and buy us a mango or two.  They are at the end of their season here, so a bit expensive, but oh so yummy.  Another yummy treat I’ve discovered is a variation on mum’s soda water drinks.  They have ‘cordial’ here, as in Anne of Green Gables cordial etc…very Brittish I suppose, but all kinds of flavors.  Today I bought the Raspberry one.  I poured myself a tall glass of ice cubes with a hint of raspberry cordial (just a hint for me to get some flavour) and soda water.  Oh so refreshing and yummy.  I deserved it for just getting the groceries home safely!  So dispite by stong dislike of the cheese here still and the meat, eggs, anything dairy really…I have discovered some delicious treats to enjoy while we’re here!