Last sunday at church, I was talking to a lady who was really excited about the Olympics, especially curling, she thought that was pretty good and looked like ‘brilliant fun’.  She said she’d like to try it out one day after I had explained just exactly how it’s done.  Anyhow, she asked if I had been watching the Olympics.  I said, no, as we didn’t have a T.V. yet.  We had tried on the internet, but without much success to get whole events etc.  She said that they had ‘heaps’ of TVs at home and would bring us one.  I thought, well that’s a nice idea, but didn’t really expect her either to remember or follow through.  At home, people often offer things, but more often than not, follow through in my experience is minimal.  Kinda sad commentary on people’s lives, I think we’re just too busy and caught up in our own stuff to remember others.

Anyhow, we were at home last sunday afternoon, after naps etc and there was a knock on the door.  Low and behold it was this couple from church with a TV!  I had not given her our phone number, or even our address, but she did her homework, called the pastor that afternoon to find out where we lived and came by with her husband to drop off a nice little TV for us.  It used to be her mum’s who passed away last year.  Talk about following through on what you say you’re going to do.  Both James and I were stunned.  We invited them in for a ‘cuppa’ and had a nice visit with them.  We have been truly blessed by the people in our little community church. 

So let me tell you, I never have enjoyed TV more!  The free programming is MUCH better than at home…I even get Dr. Phil and Ellen (though I can’t remember what channel or time yet!  Prego brain or something), kids programming is great, Eli is liking Olivia the pig show and the Wiggles when we’re here at home.  So it gives me a really nice reprieve for him and his snacktime for me to sit and either do nothing, or race around and try to get something done without him crawling over to me and pulling himself up on my legs.  I can see now why we religiously watched Mr. Dress-Up and Sesame Street.  Sweet hour of….nothingness! 🙂   I think the TV will come in handy to occupy Eli when the new baby comes too.  Not that he’s going to become a TV junkie, but I do see the merit and the peace that it can bring!  So thank you Lord for TV, and for our new TV!