As most of you probably already know, Dave was here last week for a visit up from Brisbane.  It was so good to see him.  I picked him up in the airport, and as I was waiting to get him, I was getting all teary…I just was so excited to see him and have a little family around for awhile.  We had a great time while he was here.  We spent some time down at The Strand having gelatto and one day a picnic lunch, hanging out here at our place, going swimming at the Riverway Pool, and then on Saturday we headed over to Maggie Island (Magnetic Island as its known formally). 

Dave hasn’t changed much since he was a little boy, in true David style, he played on the beach catching crabs and climbing rocks as if he didn’t have a care in the world.  Its nice to enjoy the company of someone who truly enjoys things for what they are and sees the ‘greatness’ in the little things.  We were treated to some really yummy oven baked pizza for lunch and then just relaxed for the rest of the day.  Eli was truly content to play on the blanket with these little green fruits from the tree while the three of us sat all around him.  He loves just hanging out with people.  Dave had music from his phone playing and Eli was groovin’ to the tunes.  He seems to already understand haning out on the beach :).

We said goodbye to David on sunday, and I felt a little blue the next day with a David shaped hole in our day to day life.  It sure is great to have shared those few days with him, for Eli to hang out with his uncle and for us to re-connect in person with family.  Thanks for coming Dave, we already look forward to seeing you again!

Unfortunately, we do not have any pics to share as my camera is broken.  David took some pics, but has not been able to forward them to me as he doesn’t have internet for awhile yet….so stay tuned for those.  I also hope to get a new camera soon…

And according to Lisa’s blog, the three “Canadian” siblings were also together over the weekend…so in a way, we all were together this last weekend…wasn’t it fun?