I hope its not going to be ‘one of those days’….Already I woke up to “Jenn get up” from James in the kitchen.  Normally, he doesn’t mind if I sleep a little bit, but I came out to see that Eli had just pooped and peed on the floor.  We’ve been trying to give him time without his diaper on to try and get this diaper rash under control.  Well James got it cleaned up while I bathed Eli and changed him for the day.  I put him in his high chair, gave him his sippy cup of juice…life seemed back to normal within moments .  Moments of finishing his juice, I looked over and saw and heard projectile vomit spew all over the floor.  I think he just drank it too fast and then burped.  So more mopping, and more changing. 

Now James is gone to school and I’m left for the day with this little man.  I’m sweating at the kitchen table trying to enjoy my coffee and a moment of peace?  Not likely, here comes Eli wanting something….I’d better come up with a plan for the day…and turn on the airconditioning!