Okay, as a new mum I realized soon that it was all about the poop.  From the moment they are born its how many times, what color, consistency etc.  After that was all sorted out, it still was about how many times, etc.  So I’ve made it through the first year without throwing up while changing one, however, I have come very close since we are using cloth and dealing with the poopy ones is well…gross! 

Well its been taken to a whole new level this week, as seen with the previous story, and now yesterday’s saga….

Eli has been sick, so yes, begin to imagine with me if you will…I fed him breakfast yesterday, changed him and set him down with all his lovely toys to play with while I tried to get my own breakfast down before he started destroying something, or needing something or whatever, you know the drill.  He was oddly quiet playing which he does do sometimes, so I thought, well, I guess he’s feeling better, not needing to be held etc.  But then it was strangely quiet for more than usual.  I looked up from the table to my dismay he was surrounded, by, yes, diarhhea (sp?) everywhere…on his toys, all over the floor, on his clothes etc.  He had an explosive one I guess 🙂  I promptly grabbed him, clothes and all and put him in the tub.  Finished bathing him, stuck him in his high chair with a bottle and TV program and then went about bleaching and mopping the floors and bleaching and washing all his toys.  Put him down for a nice long nap and then made myself a coffee.  What a morning!