Last sunday we ventured up to Hervy Range…about a 40 minute drive west of here, so inland towards the ‘outback’.  It was great to see some more countryside and leave the city for a bit.  As the name indicates, it is a bit of a mountain range, actually there are mountains all around Townsville, but we drove up a little ways into them more.  At the Hervy Range is a historical site with a Tea House.  So we enjoyed scones, cream and jam and some really nice tea outside at the tea house.  Eli was pretty content to sample the scones then sit beside us on the ground and taste test the sticks and stones.  It was really neat to see a historical building, enjoy the laid back atmosphere and just to be somewhere different for a few hours was really refreshing. 

There was a bit of a walk out and see the view point at Hervy Range, so we decided to venture out for that little walk.  It was a nice walk in the ‘forest’.  A bit unnerving as we’re still not too savy on the different wildlife ie: snakes and spiders that we might encounter, we just made lots of noise and kept to the path.  Seemed safe, and it was.

As we were getting into the car, I noticed some cattle nearby.  At first it seemed just like home, but then a little kangaroo, or walloby jumped through the field in front of the cows.  It brought me back to the reality that indeed we are in Australia!