Well I haven’t uploaded any pics yet, but I hope to do that SOON…I thought I’d take a moment to update you on some Eli moments…

He’s now standing by himself, and quite proud of it I might add.  One day he just popped up and looked over at me as if to say “wow” I did it!!!  Then he kept practicing over and over and over, picking up an object and dropping it again.  He still is practicing when he realizes that he can do it.  He’s also into climbing…like a cat up the backs of the couches and chair, I’ve had to re-arrange the furniture to make sure he can’t get onto the counter.  James thinks we should buy him a helmet, I think, not a bad idea, but the complex that kid would have…better just to teach him how to get down….over and over and over again, now if he’d just practice that himself!

Last night, we’re pretty sure he said ‘bath’ or ‘bsomething’ for bath.  Pretty sure he did, cause he kept saying it when we said it and he knows the routine.  So that’s kinda neat.  Also, I’ve been taking him to the park alot more now that the weather is actually tolerable during the day.  When I push him in the swing, I’m sure he says ‘wow’ or something to that effect as I think I often say wow, or woah, or something like that.  So his volaculary is getting more and more.  He’s been saying ‘da’ and ‘ma’ for awhile…hopefully it will develop too.

Yesterday at the mall, I went into a shoe store to see if I can get some more comfy shoes as its hard on the ol’feet on tile all day, also being pregnant…anyhow, the sales lady said hello to Eli and smiled at him and then said ‘boy, you’re not very socially aware are you?”  I couldn’t believe it really…everywhere we go, people actully say the opposite, he gives out smiles readily and interacts with strangers and people at church.  It made me mad, so I left.  I figured out what I should have said when relaying the story to James, I should have looked right at her and said: “oh no, he’s very socially aware, he probably doesn’t like you.” and then turned around and left.  Instead I kinda left like a dog with their tail between their legs.  Oh well, we know the real Eli.

Another story from today: we have this chair/rocker that was given to us that plays music and also vibrates.  He’s learned how to turn it on and off and finds it quite amusing.  Well today, he climbed up into the chair, had it turned on vibrate and just lounged in it for awhile.  I laughed out loud cause he reminded me of an old man in his massage chair.  Pretty funny. 

You’ll all be glad to know that the screaming is really down to a minimum now, only when he’s really excited, or super frustrated does it rear its ugly head again…can’t wait til he knows more word to use them!

That’s about all for now, like I said, I’ll get some pics on here soon.

Love to all