So, I’m meaning to post some pics, but it takes forever for them to download…so when I have heaps of time (ya right) I’ll do that….

Anyhow, yesterday I went grocery shopping…to Woolies (Woolworths).  I’ve been noticing that despite my gestational diabetes, it has been ridiculously hard to resist sweets.  I honestly think its because of where we live (and my lack of discipline at times).  The Aussies are big into morning and afternoon ‘tea’.  Snacks as we call it.  But here, its an event.  So I noticed that the three biggest isles in the grocery store are everything to do with morning tea.  First there’s the actual tea/coffee isle.  It is literally the whole isle on one side…all kinds of teas and coffees…they’re big into instant coffee (yick, but I’ve accepted that I guess), so they have all the instant lattes, mochas, cappiccinos etc too…yesterday I indulged and bought some of the instant lattes…not bad.  The second biggest isle is the lolly (we call them candies) isle.  SO much to choose from, unfortunately, this isle is also shared with the bread isle, so I can’t really avoid it.  Shame (they use that word alot too).  The third largest isle is the bickie (we call them cookies) isle….again, SO many to choose from.  Tim Tams…a local favorite (I’ll bring some at Christmas as there is a ‘proper way’ to eat a Tim Tam in which I’m sure James will love to teach you! 

Anyhow, I just thought I’d share this with you…everywhere you go, you also have ‘tea’ which always involves sweets of some kind…church, playdates, MOPS, etc etc.  I guess we’re much the same at home, but here it seems like their culture is much more shaped around sharing a ‘cuppa’  and a ‘bickie’ with someone.  Its kinda nice, but oh so tempting.