Today was supposed to be the day that would clearly mark out the next five weeks for us…but as with most medical happenings, we’ve been given another ‘wait and see’ answer.  My placenta has moved (Praise the Lord), but it has only moved 1.2 cm.  Ideally, I guess it is supposed to be 3 cm away from the opening in order to deliver without needing a c-section…or a ceasar as they call it here.   (I wish everyone would stop calling it that as its making me really crave one…the liquid form that is!)  SO, I see the Dr. next week, and he may or may  not recommend another ultrasound in a few weeks, the ultrasound tech thought that he’d probably do that.   So I guess we just keep trusting the Lord for the very best possible outcome in this whole situation.

We learned a little more about this little one…it is about 5 lbs right now…totally average in size EXCEPT its arms and legs are LONG.  So this one is our little deer.  I’ve been waiting this whole time to get a ‘sense’ of what this baby is like.  I sensed with Eli pretty early on that he was our little lamb, a cuddler, and everything ‘lamb-like’.  Its turned out to be true.  I get excited now knowing, or sensing that this one is our little deer, (or I guess it could be a little colt too, but deer came to mind right away after the ultrasound).  I guess we’re starting our own animal farm!