I’ve been meaning to post something on here for, well months, but as the days go, so do the evenings and usually James is occupying the computer at night…well I could come up with a ton of excuses really but they don’t really wash for not posting more regularily.  sometimes I think its just that I have nothing to say really, but then anything I read from other’s blogs is really interesting.  So I’m going to try really hard just to post tid bits from our lives as well…as uninteresting or as ‘normal’ as they may seem…someone is bound to enjoy it!

Mum was here for a month, it was great!  Not only did she help tons with the kids, but it was great to have a companion during the day and we had our daily outings and we had some favorites too…we went to the park, for coffee, did some shopping, out to the tea house, we took her to Paluma (Eli got carsick both there and back, where mum was there to ‘catch it’…poor mum!), went to the Strand lots, had fish n’ chips, organized life around here quite a bit and generally had a really great time.  Thanks again mum for making the global trek south.  You are missed!

We were lucky enough for Dave to come up and join us for a few days when mum first got here.  It sure was great having uncle Dave around for awhile too.  We had good times and loved having him.  He enjoyed sleeping on our deck on a blow up matress.  Eli had fun playing with him on it in the morning too! 🙂  Thanks for coming Dave…loved having you.

Here’s some pics from when they were here…