Yesterday we went to Saunders Beach, a little ‘cottage’ town about half an hour north of Townsville…we had no idea it existed.  It was our pastor’s wife’s birthday and we were invited to join in the party.  It is now one of our new favorite spots to go.  There is miles and miles of beach, and there’s no one there!  Eli absolutely loved it!  I knew that the party was ‘on the beach’ but I guess I didn’t really clue into packing our bathing suits etc…not sure why that didn’t come to mind!  Probably because we really haven’t swam in the ocean since we’ve been here…partly because its ‘stinger’ season from november til may so people don’t really swim in the ocean then here (this far north anyways) during that time.  So we stripped Eli down to his diaper and he went for it.  He’s a real go getter, nothing will stop him, he took a few spills in the waves but kept getting back up.  He’d run into the water and down the beach.  Like I said, this is our new favorite spot as he can run on the beach, there’s no one around and the water is shallow for quite a ways out.

Yesterday I had a moment of actually thinking that we’ll miss this when we come home.