Make Lemon Meringue Pie!  The lemons here are amazing, as mum can attest to.  On the weekend, I felt motivated to make a lemon meringue pie…for the first time!  It turned out pretty good actually and I might try it again one day, though would invite people over for a taste.  Half a pie is a lot to eat (not in one sitting of course!)

I’ve also taken advantage of the really great carrots and pumpkins/squash here and made some yummy soup a few times.  The produce here is really nice and since its spring here now, we’re getting more variety in the grocery store.  Strawberries are really nice right now.   I’m finding that I’m still in the Canadian frame of mind because I looked at them in the store and thought that they wouldn’t be any good as its now fall, but I’m wrong, its really spring :). 

As it is now spring, things are also in bloom…the frangipenny (the nice smelling ones like in Hawaii) are in bloom, jasmine plants that also smell amazing and orange blossom plants…everything is starting to smell fantastic. 

Enjoy fall everyone…I miss that too, although I do hear that it is cold, rainy and possibly snowy.  Welll….make a ‘cuppa’ and snuggle up to the fire and enjoy the smells of cinnamon, or pumpkin pie; enjoy the changing smell of the air and the color of the sky, and notice the gentle slowing down in preparation for winter.