Life continues on here, and whether we’re in Australia or in Canada we do ‘life’.  That’s what I’ve been thinking about these days.  Life is good, but it is hard to be inbetween worlds lately. In anticipation of coming home (7 weeks now), I’m trying to connect with some friends at home all the while trying to connect and make more friends here.  I kinda feel pulled from every direction. 

James has a month left of classes then exams…it will go fast! 

The babes are doing great.  Eli is more and more accepting of Annalise and loves her and wants to play with her.  He still has his moments of being unsure and needing more from me, but that will get less and less.  He’s sleeping really good through the night (finally) and having those awesome 2 hour toddler naps consistently now.  It is great.  Annalise is sleeping thgout the night.  Usually going down at 7 and up by 6.  So life is starting to feel normal in the sleep department. 

This weekend I’m making pumpkin pies and a makeshift turkey dinner for the other Canadian students…I think there will be 3 or 4 of them coming on saturday.

Enjoy your Thanksgivings at home…I’m thankful for all of you!

my two blue onesie babes

Eli is never stingy with the kisses