Well we’ve been back for nearly 3 weeks now, hard to believe it.  Can’t believe what a difference a year makes!  The transition back here has beenmarkedly easier…looking back I can’t believe we actually did this last year…this year it was sooo much

James' first day of year 2

better returning to a home and friends to greet us.  I think we don’t feel as alone this year and we’ve started back into the routines that we established last year.   Playgroup, MOPS, church and we’re trying to start some more with just our family.  We’re more accustom to life here and what you do for fun as an Aussie etc.  Sundays have found us taking a bbq and swimming down at the Strand or at the Riverway pool.  Eli LOVES the water and Annalise is not far behind with her adventuresome spirit and giggles.  She does not seem to be the least bit apprehensive to try new things which is great.

Enjoying the Fish n Chips


It has also been so hot here (as expected) that we’ve been trying to organize our days by doing things either early in the morning, or not outside again til after afternoon naps.  This means trying to get creative in keeping Eli happy and productively busy during the remainder of the day (the challenge of every mum of toddlers…either -40 or +40 seems to be the same dilemma!)  So, Eli and I made muffins the other day…it actually turned out to me an okay activity…he’s just that much older that he is able to follow instructions and have a bit more patience with the process of things…

helping mummy


enjoying the fruits of our labour!


Overall, the transition back to life here has been very positive… we’re getting our house in order (in more ways than one)…all of which takes time mind you, but it is coming together.  The kids are fantastic and I am enjoying being their mum sooo much.  There are days, just like we all have days (the other day, I had that song in my head “momma said there would be days like this…”).  I’m learning how to cope better with those days, or those moments and on the whole am doing soooo much better than this time last year.  I’m looking forward to what this year holds for our family…just the 4 of us, adjusting to nothing other than being a family (in Australia mind you)…but no really big adjustments like last year.  And that is a nice thought at the end of the day. 

It’s my goal to write on my blog every sunday…I’d like to be more consistent and capture the moments of our life as the weeks fly by.

love to you all


future's so bright gotta wear shades baby (okay corny I know)

token cute pic of Annalise