Well this week went by pretty quickly actually.  James continues to go to school each morning and comes home around suppertime…somedays it makes for a very long day, but I”m sure that that is also the ‘work-a-day’ world reality for stay at home mums when their husbands jet off to work.  We did the usual this week, playgroup, Mainly Music, and we took a trip to the library one afternoon.  Eli loves books more and more which is really great, so the library will I’m sure become more of a sought after destination for us.

Perhaps the highlight of the week was what happened at church this morning.  It was communion sunday today…once a month, just like at home.  Anyhow, our church being the size it is (small) we usually go up to the front and take a piece of bread and dip it in the ‘wine’.  Today, however, the parents at the back (we sit at the back with the kids with a chaotic amount of toys and other children) were served their communion. 

 I’m going to sidetrack for a moment  and give you more of an idea what church looks like for the Eli.  He usually wanders at will at the back playing (mostly) nicely with the other kids etc…there is the time though that he makes a break for it and gets to the front.  He is always welcomed with a friendly greeting from the Pastor, or whomever is speaking. Sometimes he decides that he’d like to sit and listen to what our pastor has to say, other times he sits down with a familiar face for a little visit.  It’s just the nature of our church I suppose, because anywhere else these ‘breakaways’ would be more sequestered. 

Well this morning was one of those moments.  Since James and I and Annalise were at the back, I didn’t notice that Eli had made it all the way to the communion table before I could stop him.  He broke off a piece of bread from the loaf.  I picked him up to take him back to our seats but he looked at me and said ‘dip’.  In this moment I was worried what everyone would think if I let him ‘dip’…that it  might be sacreligious, or inappropriate, or whatever, so I said ‘no, just put it in your mouth’ .   He said ‘dip’ again, but it wasn’t whinny or with a hint of tantrum brewing, he genuinely wanted to ‘dip’.  So I took the goblet off the table and let him ‘dip’. 

And I’m glad I did, I’m glad that in that moment I didn’t care what others thought.   Today it was about my son in his 2 year old way wanting to participate, to be a part of something and maybe at some level in his little heart he knew what it meant to ‘dip’.  I’ll never know, but Jesus did say ‘let the little children come to me’.  That is my prayer for him and Annalise…that their hearts would be the fertile soil that  will recieve the Message and have it grow.