Eli’s birthday was last sunday (I’m a week behind in my posts!) anyhow, such a change from last year.  Although it was nice to ‘celebrate’ with mum and dad via skype last year and with James’ family via Skype, it was such a great change to celebrate with people!  Its amazing what a difference a year makes;  both in the development of Eli,  and what life looks like now.  We had a bout 20 people out for a bbq and a swim at the splash park.  These were friends from church and playgroups.  We had a great time and the rain held off just until we were packing up.

Here’s some pics from the day…

Eli enjoying a birthday cupcake...not no shirt, green icing is a bad idea for toddlers!

Eli's friend Stuart (a stand-in for Isaac, though not nearly as sweet or dear to my heart, or Eli's :))

the dads bbqing...on left, one of James profs, on the right, Stuart's dad, John

the birthday boy taking some time out under the table

Jenny and Irene...possible babysitters !?

little Miss Annalise...

Eli, day 1

Eli, day 730


Eli continues to be a little boy full of joy, exhuberance, love for ‘lise’, his sister.  He’s quick to give a  kiss or a hug, is starting to play more independently, enjoys puzzles, coloring, playing with trucks, loves to dance and enjoys the bath.  Sounds like any 2 year old really, but I’m glad that God chose us to be his parents and for me to be his mum.  I’m blessed everyday by this little boy who challenges me in more ways than one, but at the end of each day my heart is full and greatful.