This week has been just a ho hum kinda week I guess.  Nothing extraordinary to report.  Had a Mary Kay party for my friend Kylie last friday.  Two out of 14 friends came…in this case, less was definately more.  We had a fun time actually, though I was secretly dreading the evening, it was fun.  Served wine and cheese and the token sweet of m and m’s 🙂

I bought a beautiful skirt on a ridiculous sale…regular $100 for $15.  I had gone grocery shopping with the two kids that afternoon, forgot to buy formula because it was all I could do to entertain a toddler and baby in a grocery cart.  Eli had had about enough of me piling things on top of him and me saying ‘don’t touch’…his juice and book only lasted the first two isles, so I thought it pretty good that I only ended up forgetting one thing, albeit pretty major item!  So when I went back that evening to the grocery store, I afforded myself the luxury of popping into a few other shops before buying said item.   I do have a favorite store here, Sussan…its kinda like Banana Republic-ish. You can look at it here:   Anyhow, I go in and drool, then leave…mopping up as I go.  This time, however, I saw this skirt, tried it on then when the sales lady said its an extra 25% off, it was sold!  Its long, geometric pattern in yellow, reddish and denim blue on a white background…light and flowy and super comfy.  Can you tell I’m pleased?

I won’t be able to take pictures for a little while.  I had to take our camera in to get fixed as there was a black dot appearing on the pictures, must be something internal as when I clean it it doesn’t come clean.  So luckily it is still within the year’s warranty.  So, enjoy these few pics for the meantime:

We went to Maggie Island for the afternoon last sunday, friends have a timeshare so when invited, we went! different than Eli...goes down without much fuss (probably the parenting, not the child!)

naptime for Eli....soooo much better now. Request a book now to read before falling asleep.


Annalise in her dress from Auntie Lisa (was going to save it for her first birthday, guess not!)

View from Maggie Island looking back toward Townsville...I guess not so Ho Hum afterall :)!

I guess that makes it another week for us here in Australia…can’t believe how quickly the time is going these days.  James is into his 6th week tomorrow…nearly half way through the semester already!
Oh and Eli had a poop on the toilet this morning! 🙂
See ya next week,