As many of you know, I spent my birthday holding my little baby girl in the emergency department of the Townsville hospital.  Not only that, but then we spent the next three nights in the children’s ward.  Turns out she has/had pneumonia.  Scary stuff.  It is hard to see your baby sick and feel uterly helpless.  I wanted to take her place and I wanted so badly for her to be better.  I held her, ALOT, nealy constantly over those few days in hospital.  And actually I didn’t mind one bit.  God gave me the strength to do it, because it was pretty full on.  I cannot begin to imagine the grief and heartache that some parents have to endure when there children are terminally ill.  I am sooooo thankful that I was able to bring my baby home again.  My heart aches for those that never do.  I am so thankful for the care we received, for the support of family and friends and actually in a strange way, the mixed blessing of being able to spend that much time, uninterrupted one on one with Annalise.  I got to know her better.  She’s a fighter, I knew she’d get better…the doctors kept telling me that she was actually very sick though she didn’t show it.  She is a real sweatheart;  funny (if babies can be funny…she’s got a good sense of humour), she’s extremely affectionate, she’d often grab my face and ‘kiss’ me when I was holding her; she seems  ‘grounded’, or at peace, and she is a real ‘little miss’.  All the people in hospital kept telling me  how ‘gorgeous’ she was (a word they use alot here in Australia), someone said that she reminded them of a character out of an English children’s story.  Forgive me for bragging…I don’t ususally go on about my kids (well sometimes I do!) about how wonderful they are….but this last week has really made me sit up and take notice more of one particularly beautiful little girl….a little girl that God has entrusted me to be her mummy.  Wow.

oh yeah, I painted her toenails pink today…very cute.