I realized that as I’m sitting here eating my lunch and checking the few blogs I follow, that I’m disappointed when they haven’t put up a new post.  No new news to read, or pictures to smile over…my lunchtime companions are silent.  I’m sure there might be someone out there (hi mum) that is disappointed when I haven’t posted something for awhile :).

Not really sure what to say…I guess I don’t feel my life is all that interesting…just the same old same old really of life with two children, a husband in school (which makes me like a single parent a lot of the time), groceries, laundry, etc etc.  But then there are those moments like today on the way back from the strand when I look in my rearview mirror and see two children soundly sleeping.  It is a beautiful moment.  I enjoy it immensely.  Not only because they look so angelic, but its a moment that I feel myself take a big deep breath.  Ahh, there.  Peace.  My children really are good kids, so its not an end to screaming or fighting that I find peace, its just that in that moment I can feel there little hearts at peace too.  They feel safe, loved, cared for and we’ve had some fun today.  I know that when I get home its going to be quite the task to get two sleeping children settled into their beds for hopefully a continued nap, but for the next 8 minutes on the way home, I smile, and breathe 🙂  So, there you have it…8 minutes of joy.  Quite a feeling.  I just pray that I can hold on to that joy throughout the ensuing hours!  And I do say to myself, when that joy seems to wane that firstly “the joy of the Lord is my strength!”.