Well, here it goes, my tribute to our wonderful dad…we are who we are largely due to your leadership, encouragement and loving ways. 



Dad with the son in laws and grandsons

sharing a laugh with Sam

pretty much one of my all time favs of dad...

Dad's 65th, Annalise 6 months! so nice.

Grandpa (and Grandma) with Isaac...brand new!

walking with Sam

we all know he's just barley hanging on 🙂

we have seen this pose a few times

Grandpa with Eli 2 days old

Dad assuming his 'head of the table' position

Dad you were truly (and still are) a fantastic father.  I so appreciated the way that you would teach us things whether it be at the farm, or in the basement or even at the kitchen table (often me in tears about math)…your patience in teaching us was such a gift to me.  I appreciate the way you pushed us, sometimes harder than we realized we could go… you had high expectations for us, but really believed that we could do it.   Your faith and setting an example of caring for others and caring for us made us want to have your faith for ourselves.  You and mum lived it out as best you could…enough for us to make the choice to follow God ourselves.

There’s still so much I could say, but I hope you know you’re loved and I’m so glad you’re my dad…love you.