I”m not really sure where to start, I guess the fault of my own, leaving a post for so long…a lot has happened.  Annalise turnedd 1; we went to Cairns for 5 days; James had 5 weeks off and now has been back at class for 2 weeks already.  The weather has been fantastic, though, just like at home in springtime the sun starts to get a little more warmth to it, its happening here too….eeek, forshadowing of things to come….but still trying to enjoy these days before the inevitable. 

Other bits:  Mike got married.  Dave is home.  The kids had hand-foot and mouth disease; the car died; the car has been resurrected; I unknowingly bought a bag of rotten onions; spurged on a bottle of $17 perfume (lol); I’ve painted my toenails bright pink…thank goodness and quite rightly thank God my ingrown toenail that I had for 3! months is now healed; I’ve done probably 100 loads of laundry (no exaggeration) since my last post; we bought a BBQ and had friends over for ribs…which is a rariety here…they don’t ‘do’ ribs…shame really; I’ve decided to go ‘natural’ with my haircolour lately and in the last 2 days I have had 3 compliments on its colour (strange); finished watching a tv series with James…something we rarely do…MasterChef…strage selection but we both really got into it!  Its been a good run these last few months and jsut doing life here in Australia…enjoy the pics as they also tell a story 🙂

love Jenn

in Cairns

Annalise is 1... Birthday Morning Tea with Bambers at The Strand


Annalise and Angus share the same birthday!"


Go! Riders Go!


taking some pics on the balcony after time in our 'pool'....unfortunately Annalise wouldn't sit still 🙂