We went to the Aquarium “Reef HQ” last week with playgroup, we’ve been looking at under the sea theme this last quarter.  Eli had gone with James last year to the aquarium with John and Stuart when I was in hospital before Annalise was born.  I doubt that he remembered it…he was absolutely enamoured with it.  He was a sweaty mess from being so excited and running around with the other kids.  Annalise loved it too; she is showing a real love for animals…she was very content to sit in the stoller and look around.  The ticket was one of thsos ones that says valid all day…so yep, you guess it, I came home with the kids for naps then we promptly went back in the afternoon.  I don’t know if many people do that, or if the ticket guy was just feeling generous, but he said “do you want to come back tomorrow?”…to which I said “sure!” .  He stamped it to be valid for the next day, and we went back the following day!  It was a good, but busy week.  Maybe that’s why we’re all sick this week!!  Oh well, I guess it was worth it?

curiosity of little minds is a delight to see

there were virtual aquariums where the water 'rippled', the bubbles 'popped' and the fish swam away...really neat


Eli inside the nemo tank...part of the interactive area for kids