While I was studying education one of the things that the profs encouraged us as future teachers to do was to keep an anecdotal record of each student; when it came time to reporting period our assessment would be ‘easier’.  So here are a few observations of Eli lately…(not that I’m grading him, just don’t know where else they fit in to bigger stories and I don’t want to forget :))

-one evening while I was home alone with the kids doing the bath and dinner dance, Annalise got upset while I was getting Eli out of the tub and dressed.  Sometimes when she gets upset, she doesn’t calm down…at all…she just keeps on going.  Well, she was getting upset and worked up with a full tummy of milk.  Needless to say, that milk didn’t stay down.  I was over at the sink cleaning up the mess when Eli pipes up “more Mummy?” .  I look over to see him straddling two dining room chairs at the table dishing up our supper.  He had given himself two fish filets and some sweet potatoe and was inquiring as to whether I wanted more sweet potatoe to the already huge mound that he had put on my plate.  I couldn’t get mad at him.  It was really quite sweet. 

-the other day I was desperate for a new  pair of shorts.  Thought I’d brave the task with two children in tow.  I knew what I needed and I was sure it would be a quick job.  It was, but it gave Eli enough time to discover the beautiful blouses hanging at perfect ‘rub- my- face- in- the- soft- fabric height.  Yes its true, I look over at to Eli and he’s saying ‘soffee soffee’ (soft) as he’s rubbing his face in the satin blouses.  Good thing his nose was clean. 

-one morning while at playgroup, during story and song time, Eli managed to scam a cracker off the snack table from before.  Of course Annalise was now interested in said cracker and thought that she should have one too.  In times past, when she would have done the cracker dive, Eli would have pushed Annalise and I’d have to do yet another lesson in being gentle and kind.  This time, the lesson seemed to take.  He patted her on the back and said ‘crackor Seece?’ and promptly went and scammed her one.

-he tells me I”m doing a good job driving when going through a round-a-bout…not sure if he’s worried for his safety, but he lets me know when it’s a job well done 🙂

-and just the other day when coming home from a friend’s house, it was time for naps and I looked behind and saw this:

I remember mum saying once that one of her favorite ages was a 3 year old…that they are delightful.  Eli will be 2.5 in a few days, and I think we’re on the road to being more and more delightful 🙂