Yay!  Life can ‘return to normal’ for a little while now in the Scott household.  A huge sigh of relief has been felt by all as James’ last exam was yesterday.  It’s amazing just how uplifted I feel (nevermind James) that year 2 is over.  This morning we went swimming (well, James and Eli did with our neighbor Nhan…who is returning to Melbourne for ‘summer’) I’m sick…again.  Seems that I’m the one who gets sick during exams, happens every time!  Oh well, now I can ‘rest’.  haa haa.

The kids and I have been in survival mode lately with the heat, and doing our normal day to day things such as playgroups, Mainly Music and MOPS (Mother’s of Preschoolers).  As at home in Canada, all of these programs finish for the summer…so only a few more weeks left….what?  What am I going to do?  To be honest, I feel slightly panic stricken with this prospect….Our life has become rather managelable going from thing to thing in the mornings throughout the week…luckily James is home, well until he gets a job that is.  He’s hoping to get a job in a pharmacy, or in the ‘mines’ which will mean he’ll be away for weeks at a time (not sure how keen I am on that idea!!!)

Anyhow, really looking forward to heading south in a few weeks for David’s grad, then to spend Christmas down in Byron Bay with mum and dad.  I can’t wait!  And for all of you  back home in Canada, it will be really strange to not be with you….I miss all of you sooooooooo much! Some days I don’t like to think that its still another 2 years til I see you all again.  I’m thankful for Skype and email and magic jack etc….

Well, I should go, kids are playing with the toys from the toy library (a fabulous idea)…I should  go get ready for James and my date tonight, Lowell is coming over…