Many of you already  know that we didn’t actually tell Eli it was his birthday on  the 13th, it would have been cruel.  He’s been asking for well over a month when his party will be.  I couldn’t bear to torture him (okay, me) with the knowledge that it was his birthday, but wait…for another 4 days for the party.  So saturday was his partyday and his birthday 🙂  We’ve been experiencing what they dub a ‘monsoonal rain trough’ for the last few days.  Perfect for an outdoor little boy birthday party right?  Well, I wasn’t too stressed actually, naively I thought we could just have it here.  But thankfully, woke up to a sunny day on saturday with dark clouds clinging to the surrounding mountaintops.  It gave us enough time to get to the park and set up without rain…enough time to make the call to go to the park and not try to host it here in out wee unit.

It did rain moments after everyone arrived to the park.  It was perfect actually, cool and fun for them to play in the rain.  We also had the added bonus of being the only ones in the park.  No one to ‘ruin’ our party! 🙂 As we were packing up, the sun did come out again briefly.  The intensity of the sun coupled with the humidity only confirmed the blessing of a rainy day birthday party at the park!

Eli had requested blue balloons, brown cake with blue icin,g and a blue backpack for his birthday.  Lucky little boy received all three wishes.  When he saw the balloons hung at the kitchen table (at 6:10am) he was doing 360 jumps exclaiming that ‘it’s his party!!!’.  Didn’t have time to capture that on film, but we did get some good shots from the day.  Enjoy!  Can’t believe he’s 3! (I have a feeling I’ll be saying that every year).


He did a number of 'Sears Poses' for me with the backpack



The Blue Cake. Naughty little other boy picking at said cake 🙂