I find myself attracted to recipes that mum didn’t make when we were kids, but I always wanted them as kids…no offence to mum, just now I get to try them myself…you know like those puffed wheat squares and gingersnap cookies…though I have yet to try those peanut butter marshmallow squares that were always at church potlucks.  Anyhow, I found a great recipe for ginersnap cookies that are super yummy and really quick and easy to make.



Here’s the recipe…try them today.  Makes about 4 dozen which is a bonus for the freezer.

Ginger Snaps

2 Cups Sugar

1 Cup butter

2 eggs

7/8 cups molasses (don’t skimp on this one)

2 tsp soda

4 1/2 cups flour

3 tsp ginger

1/2 tsp salt

Combine first 4 ingredients Blend

Add flour

Roll into small balls

Dip into sugar

place on cookie sheet (I have come to LOVE baking paper)

bake for 8 minutes for chewy cookies in a 350 oven

Enjoy 🙂 !


oh ya, pictured with the cookies is a ‘sugar spoon’ that we had made as a craft at MOPS last time.  I made mine to match with my pottery in Canada as I do not have a sugar bowl here because of the army of ants that would soon overtake said bowl. I don’t anticipate the same problem in the tundra.  over n out.