Just before the school holidays, Annalise’s school had an Easter Bonnet Parade.  The usual Hot Cross Buns and Here comes Peter Cottontale songs were sung, the Easter Bunny visited secretly throughout the garden and the children all decorated their own Easter Bonnets and had  a parade.  I found these bunny ears for $1.50 at an OP shop (thrift store) and then we had the idea to collect flowers and make her a laie and put flowers in her hair.  She wanted to wear her beautiful dress that was handed down to her from a friend.  She was soooo excited the day before coming out multiple times at bedtime to discuss just how she wanted her hair done etc.  She was going to be the flower-bunny-fairy-princess….I thought she looked gorgeous.  But then the day came…she was still excited during the parade, but that night there were many tears as she didn’t think that her Bonnet was the most beautiful ever.  Lots of children had hats bought at the store and gobbed with all kinds of Easter themed arts and crafts supplies.  Oh the perils have already started with comparing oneself to others.  The lifelong journey has begun for my little girl to learn that true beauty comes from within; having a kind heart; compassion and a lovely heart for God.  All the other stuff is just like the gobbbed on Easter Craft…not the real deal. She will cry and the enemy will vie for her soul, but I hope and pray that she can also know the depth of which she is loved…just as she is.