On one of the Townsville Free Cites, there was a photographer advertising free photoshoot.  So I signed up.  She responded by saying she’d like to offer me a glamour shoot…Baaa haaa haa….needless to say it turned into a family photoshoot.  Here’s the end ‘free’ results.  I got to choose 5 poses, so I chose the following:

Amidst The Calm-1

Amidst The Calm-2

Amidst The Calm-3

Amidst The Calm-4

Amidst The Calm-5


Overall, pretty nice pics…My splash of colour is too much, better to have a necklace or something, and something the same colour on one of the other children or something.  So glad I didn’t buy these photos…there would be things I’d do differently.  A good learning experience I guess 🙂 It was fun to do and all I wanted was a family picture…I do think that photos of people are becoming over.the.top….so this was a good reminder that all we need is a nice ‘snap’ to remember the good times 🙂