Eli is funny.  I bet he’ll do this his whole life.  Once he gets his cake (the first one to get a piece) he goes off by himself to enjoy it.


Not sure, but I was only allowed to post a few pics for the first entry.  Here’s some more pics of his birthday.  Enjoy 🙂

Enjoying the cake

Uncle Dave

Some of the party tucker

Little miss sunshine on a rainy day

The troops dancing in the rain

Eli's present from G3 (Grandma and Grandpa Graff)

Many of you already  know that we didn’t actually tell Eli it was his birthday on  the 13th, it would have been cruel.  He’s been asking for well over a month when his party will be.  I couldn’t bear to torture him (okay, me) with the knowledge that it was his birthday, but wait…for another 4 days for the party.  So saturday was his partyday and his birthday 🙂  We’ve been experiencing what they dub a ‘monsoonal rain trough’ for the last few days.  Perfect for an outdoor little boy birthday party right?  Well, I wasn’t too stressed actually, naively I thought we could just have it here.  But thankfully, woke up to a sunny day on saturday with dark clouds clinging to the surrounding mountaintops.  It gave us enough time to get to the park and set up without rain…enough time to make the call to go to the park and not try to host it here in out wee unit.

It did rain moments after everyone arrived to the park.  It was perfect actually, cool and fun for them to play in the rain.  We also had the added bonus of being the only ones in the park.  No one to ‘ruin’ our party! 🙂 As we were packing up, the sun did come out again briefly.  The intensity of the sun coupled with the humidity only confirmed the blessing of a rainy day birthday party at the park!

Eli had requested blue balloons, brown cake with blue icin,g and a blue backpack for his birthday.  Lucky little boy received all three wishes.  When he saw the balloons hung at the kitchen table (at 6:10am) he was doing 360 jumps exclaiming that ‘it’s his party!!!’.  Didn’t have time to capture that on film, but we did get some good shots from the day.  Enjoy!  Can’t believe he’s 3! (I have a feeling I’ll be saying that every year).


He did a number of 'Sears Poses' for me with the backpack



The Blue Cake. Naughty little other boy picking at said cake 🙂

Valentines Day isn’t huge in our house…but it is nice to ‘celebrate’ by doing something a little special.  I made little love bugs for everyone and did a heart banner.  Also made heart shaped pancakes for supper.  The lollipops were consumed throughout the day: One or two licks… return to the fridge, licked twice, lick once more;  inquire as to where daddy’s lollipop was; asked if it could be opened; return to fridge, lick once, twice…you get the picture.   Pancakes were a big hit too….


Love Bugs


Sunrise at Byron Bay Dec 27th

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my littlest love


Yay!  Life can ‘return to normal’ for a little while now in the Scott household.  A huge sigh of relief has been felt by all as James’ last exam was yesterday.  It’s amazing just how uplifted I feel (nevermind James) that year 2 is over.  This morning we went swimming (well, James and Eli did with our neighbor Nhan…who is returning to Melbourne for ‘summer’) I’m sick…again.  Seems that I’m the one who gets sick during exams, happens every time!  Oh well, now I can ‘rest’.  haa haa.

The kids and I have been in survival mode lately with the heat, and doing our normal day to day things such as playgroups, Mainly Music and MOPS (Mother’s of Preschoolers).  As at home in Canada, all of these programs finish for the summer…so only a few more weeks left….what?  What am I going to do?  To be honest, I feel slightly panic stricken with this prospect….Our life has become rather managelable going from thing to thing in the mornings throughout the week…luckily James is home, well until he gets a job that is.  He’s hoping to get a job in a pharmacy, or in the ‘mines’ which will mean he’ll be away for weeks at a time (not sure how keen I am on that idea!!!)

Anyhow, really looking forward to heading south in a few weeks for David’s grad, then to spend Christmas down in Byron Bay with mum and dad.  I can’t wait!  And for all of you  back home in Canada, it will be really strange to not be with you….I miss all of you sooooooooo much! Some days I don’t like to think that its still another 2 years til I see you all again.  I’m thankful for Skype and email and magic jack etc….

Well, I should go, kids are playing with the toys from the toy library (a fabulous idea)…I should  go get ready for James and my date tonight, Lowell is coming over…





While I was studying education one of the things that the profs encouraged us as future teachers to do was to keep an anecdotal record of each student; when it came time to reporting period our assessment would be ‘easier’.  So here are a few observations of Eli lately…(not that I’m grading him, just don’t know where else they fit in to bigger stories and I don’t want to forget :))

-one evening while I was home alone with the kids doing the bath and dinner dance, Annalise got upset while I was getting Eli out of the tub and dressed.  Sometimes when she gets upset, she doesn’t calm down…at all…she just keeps on going.  Well, she was getting upset and worked up with a full tummy of milk.  Needless to say, that milk didn’t stay down.  I was over at the sink cleaning up the mess when Eli pipes up “more Mummy?” .  I look over to see him straddling two dining room chairs at the table dishing up our supper.  He had given himself two fish filets and some sweet potatoe and was inquiring as to whether I wanted more sweet potatoe to the already huge mound that he had put on my plate.  I couldn’t get mad at him.  It was really quite sweet. 

-the other day I was desperate for a new  pair of shorts.  Thought I’d brave the task with two children in tow.  I knew what I needed and I was sure it would be a quick job.  It was, but it gave Eli enough time to discover the beautiful blouses hanging at perfect ‘rub- my- face- in- the- soft- fabric height.  Yes its true, I look over at to Eli and he’s saying ‘soffee soffee’ (soft) as he’s rubbing his face in the satin blouses.  Good thing his nose was clean. 

-one morning while at playgroup, during story and song time, Eli managed to scam a cracker off the snack table from before.  Of course Annalise was now interested in said cracker and thought that she should have one too.  In times past, when she would have done the cracker dive, Eli would have pushed Annalise and I’d have to do yet another lesson in being gentle and kind.  This time, the lesson seemed to take.  He patted her on the back and said ‘crackor Seece?’ and promptly went and scammed her one.

-he tells me I”m doing a good job driving when going through a round-a-bout…not sure if he’s worried for his safety, but he lets me know when it’s a job well done 🙂

-and just the other day when coming home from a friend’s house, it was time for naps and I looked behind and saw this:

I remember mum saying once that one of her favorite ages was a 3 year old…that they are delightful.  Eli will be 2.5 in a few days, and I think we’re on the road to being more and more delightful 🙂